MRSA Resources

It would be nice if in this one website we could provide all the information that is needed about MRSA but we have to accept that we cannot do that. What we can do is give you a list of websites that will provide more information on this staph infection.


  • Medscape
    It is a website that has medical references and uses medical terms. For those who are familiar with medical vocabulary that is related to MRSA. The reference material is available without signing up but news and other resources require signing up.
  • WebMD
    It has excellent content, videos, images, quizzes, and news to learn about this staph infection.
  • CDC
    The website for the Center of Disease Control and Prevention has reliable information that is neatly organized. It even has links to content specifically written for specific groups and professions.
  • MDGuidelines
    There is a lot of solid, detailed content about MRSA. The site’s purpose is to help in the process of returning to work after medical leave.

Transmission Prevention

  • Wired
    This online magazine posts some of the latest ideas and events. It has an informative article on how to prevent the spread of infections like MRSA.
  • NSO
    The Nurses Service Organization has an excellent article on the universal infection prevention strategies that are effective in preventing the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Science Daily
    The latest research news is posted on this website. This covers simple ways to prevent the spread of MRSA bacteria. There are additional articles related to the prevention of disease transmission.


  • Google
    Images of MRSA are often graphic and may be disturbing to sensitive people. Researching for images of this staph infection and links to the original articles can be done on Google. The medical websites above are also good sources for images.
  • Picsearch
    MRSA related pictures of all kinds of can be found on this site. It is a unique website because it will customize the image search by size, color, orientation, and type. The images are less graphic than those on Google.


  • Amazon
    There are many books on Amazon about MRSA at great prices. The selection can be customized by price, popularity, etc.
  • Barnes and Noble
    Their prices on books about methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus aren’t as Amazon good but there may be more of a selection and options for formats.


  • Daily Motion
    This site has a large number of videos that cover a wide range of topics related to MRSA like identifying the rash to treating it to preventing it.
  • YouTube
    The videos on the list include graphic images of when MRSA infections are lanced and also rashes.